• Dallas Morning News, October 23, 2003
    Shannon O'Rourke explores the world of Russian marriage agencies and the desperate Russian women and rich American men who use them. Ms. O'Rourke focuses not only on several couples but also on two agency heads and their oft-disturbing outlook on love and romance. An eye-opening dissection of the highs and lows of modern love. (10 p.m. Sunday, Angelika) G.D.
  • indieWire, June 25, 2003
    Mostly Gold at the First SilverDocs: Crowds Come Out for Non-Fiction (and Skateboarding) in Silver Spring
    by Wendy Mitchell
    Shannon O'Rourke's "In the Name of Love" was a telling look at American men searching for Russian brides. O'Rourke thankfully doesn't start out showing the men as total losers and the women as one-sided damsels in distress, but with more and more interviews, the women let us into some of their more deeper thoughts on their suitors, and the men are revealed to be extremely creepy. As one gent so eloquently put it while wooing a woman who doesn't speak English, "communication is pretty tough when you can't communicate with one another." I'd love to see a sequel on these couples in five years
  • Silverdocs News, June 18-22, 2003
    You can't buy love, but you can buy a mail-order bride, explain the Russian women whose lives have beentransformed by American men and by the marriage agencies that matched them (dir. Shannon O'Rourke).
  • The Portland Mercury, May 29 - June 4, 2003
    A fascinating documentary on the Russian wife industry, In the Name of Love, tracks a number of women who are signed up with matchmaking services ... Funny, melancholy, the film is absorbing, sensitive, and honest.
  • Booklist, August, 2005
    This thought-provoking program is sure to spark heated discussion on the unsettling issue of mail-order brides.
  • Elle, September, 2001
  • St. Johns Women's Festival, July, 2003
    If you are deciding which docs to see please don't miss this one, an excellent and witty study of marriage Russian style ... told from (5) women's point of view, In the Name of Love is brilliant and often very funny in its unflinching examination of a cultural reality ... the enduring appeal here is that this film is simply a great study of women - period.
  • The Week, December 12th, 2003
  • TV Barn, December 9th, 2003
  • PR Newswire, October 7th, 2003